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Filming Adventure: The Ruins of Ingapirca

Few are familiar with the Ingapirca ruins, yet it is Ecuador's most important pre-Columbian archaeological site. Perched at an altitude of 3,160 meters, the Cañaris, a matriarchal society, originally built this temple there to worship the moon ...

Les Ruines Ingapirca, Équateur
The Ingapirca ruins, Ecuador

Chimborazo volcano's `` lucky plan ''

According to the shooting schedule, we were a little too tight in time to also visit Chimborazo, the highest peak in the Ecuadorian Andes, culminating at 6263 m. But on the other hand, I absolutely had to have this shot in my film, because I had a passage that spoke about it. At this height, that I said to myself, certainly that we must be able to observe it from a distance !? Indeed, after much research looking at photos of the city of Riobamba, I saw that we could see it very well. After 5 hours of driving from Quito, we thought that in addition, it would give us a little break for dinner. Except that in order not to venture too far from the bus station and to see the Chimborazo, you would have to be on a roof! We have the brilliant idea of ​​asking an owner of a hotel if we can go on hers for the good of the shoot, and very kind, she accepts. But woe ... there are so many clouds, that the plan is not great! I'm disappointed but at least I have it on video ... Later during supper, just before the sun goes down, I realize that the clouds have completely dissipated! How beautiful, with the sunset, moreover! I take my daring in hand a second time and I run, leaving Michaël and Cameron at the Chinese restaurant to wonder why I am going racing like this! I politely ask the little lady to go back to her roof and she accepts! It clearly makes my evening!

Le Chimborazo au coucher du soleil à Riobamba
The Chimborazo at sunset in Riobamba
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Ingapirca ruins

So obviously our bus to go to Cañar was at night, you got that right. We had the brilliant idea of ​​falling asleep and we went straight from our main destination ... we had to, in the wee hours of the night in an unknown village in Ecuador, take the chance to wait for a another bus in the opposite direction and willing to stop its way for three gringos ... Fortunately, it didn't take too long. We had reserved a room at El Tambo and when we arrived, it was something like 2 a.m. ... in fact, we made sure we had a place to sleep, but we rang the bell about 40 times, more , phoned, write an email to the owners who replied that there was indeed someone waiting for us ... nothing to do! The receptionist was sleeping very hard! After half an hour, we thought we were going to find something else, we were tired ... Do you know how exhausting and embarrassing it is to look for a hostel at that time? Not very nice and not very reassuring for the inhabitants either, we completely understand! Despite everything, we were lucky to find a charming little place at a reasonable price. The next day, all was forgiven. The village of El Tambo is very cute and authentic, and also very little touristy! It was an experience only to walk around the city and observe the expressions of the locals when seeing us. We were still happy despite our exhausting night. Obviously it is very easy to walk towards the Ingapirca ruins because it is literally the only thing to do in that area. We are even surprised at the number of buses that go there. We finally come to the greatest testimony of the Inca occupation in Ecuador, the Ingapirca Ruins.

Les lamas au site d'Igapirca
The temple of the Sun and the llamas at the site of Ingapirca
Panorama d'Ingapirca
Panorama of Ingapirca

We learned a little later in Cuenca from a guide that what makes this site so special is the fact that the Cañaris, a matriarchal society, had originally built this temple there to worship the moon, then, the Incas, people of the sun, succeeded after several important battles to seize the site. They built there the famous temple of the sun that can be seen in all the photos of Ingapirca. And so both the moon and the sun would have been worshiped there! Obviously we can imagine it, the temple of the sun is aligned especially to be lit as long as possible by the light of the day on all its angles. Currently, the National Institute of Cultural Heritage manages this archaeological complex which has become a place of pilgrimage for many indigenous communities in the south of the country. For your information, it is mandatory to take the tour with a guide, which did not really enchant me because as I said before, it is difficult for me to take plans while following the herd, it is is a little too fast for the job I have to do. But the guide was not too demanding and let me take all the delay I had to. Michaël then came to tell me what the guide had explained! We understood for example why the visit was obligatory with a guide ... we were few gringos to make the visit (6 out of 30) it was mostly locals, it impressed us, but we were really disappointed by the behavior of Ecuadorian tourists. People would take stones from the site and throw them all over the place, parents would let their children climb walls, etc.! We were a little offended and in misunderstanding ... but who are we to remind them of the value of their heritage? (!) The visit lasts about 1 hour, and afterwards, it is possible to continue walking around the site and appreciate the beautiful Ecuadorian nature, drink a small glass of chicha (fermented corn drink), shop for souvenirs. .. and see a face in the mountain!

Voyez-vous le visage dans la montagne? :)
Do you see the face in the mountain? :)
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Our morning was very pleasant and, sincerely believing that it was a little pointless to stay longer in the surroundings, we headed for the city of Cuenca, where the most beautiful meeting of this journey awaited us. !

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Un beau lama qui prend la pose pour vous près du site d'Ingapirca!
A beautiful llama posing for you near the Ingapirca site!